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'UNINVITED' follows a group of small time criminals who find themselves on the wrong side of the local gang boss over money owed for drugs. Given just 5 days to pay, they take a job to participate in an insurance scam by staging a robbery at a old manor house. But the job is not as simple as they thought and soon the group are thrown into a horrific game of cat and mouse as someone, or something, begins hunting them.

We are have our demons!

Written by Ally McClelland & James Bushe.

Currently in development.


'THE FORT' is a psychological horror feature set during the 2nd Wars of Scottish Independence in the mid 14th Century. The film plays on the isolation and paranoia of a group of soldiers, as they battle something they cannot see, whilst fighting to keep their own sanity. If you believe in evil, the Devil will find you.

Written by Ally McClelland & James Bushe, the first in a slate of exciting genre features.

Currently in development.


'LORE' is a horror anthology that follow four friends on a ghostly excursion, where their guide asks them each to tell the scariest story they have ever heard, But little do they know, those stories would have major consequences for them and others. Starring Richard Brake and Andrew-Lee Potts.

Directed by multi award winning filmmakers James Bushe and Patrick Ryder

Currently in post-production.

The Devils Lair Poster-1.jpg

'The Devil's Lair' is a gritty action/horror that follows a SWAT team that is sent to take out a religious cult but get caught in a deadly game of cat and mouse. 'Zero Dark Thirty' meets 'The Descent' with an air of Aliens. 

Currently in development.

HEXED final final ffs.jpg

'HEXED' is a is horror/thriller that follows a late night coach journey that turns into a night of terror when it is attacked by a group of malevolent witches hell-bent on revenge. 

Currently in development.

3 Pigs poster.jpg

3 LITTLE PIGS is a dark fable/gangster film with horror elements based on the said children's story, which follows three ex cops who move to a remote town, only to clash with the local firm, known as the Pact, and their boss, The Wolf. It's a darker take on the usual gangster films of late, containing some brutal set pieces.

Currently in development.

CANNIBALS AND CARPET FITTERS is the feature film version of the award winning short film of the same name (see below).  It had it's US release in December 2018, on DVD and VOD, with the UK release following May 2019 along with several other countries.

A group of carpet fitters are sent on a job to an old Country house in the middle of nowhere. However they soon discover it's a trap set up by the savage, cannibalistic family, The Hannings. The carpet fitters are forced to fight for their lives or risk ending up being the evenings dinner. Unfortunately they are not quite your typical heroes! 



PREDATOR DARK AGES is a fan film I wrote and directed, combining one of my favourite films with one of my favourite genres. 


Set during the Crusades, the faith & fighting skills of a group of Templar Knights is put to the test when they encounter the Predator.


Predator: Dark Ages is a short fan film that follows a group of Templar Knights that are charged with hunting down a "Demon" that plagues the countryside. Their battle with the Predator is the thing Myths and Legends are born from.

Currently the film has 7 million views on YouTube!


YouTube link




BLACKOUT Winner of best horror short film at Shriekfest 2012. Official selection of Hollyshorts festival 2012. Official selection of American Online Film Awards.


The nation has been struck by a mysterious electrical blackout, throwing the country into chaos. Criminals everywhere are using the lack of alarms CCTV to loot and rob all over the city. One group of opportunistic robbers move forward a planned job and break into an antiques warehouse, taking the security guard hostage along the way. As the job nears completion they realise that something else is also making use of the blackout, something evil. Alliances must be formed if they are to escape what ever is hunting them from the darkness. To survive the night, they must stay in the light.


Blackout is a short film based on several ideas taken from a feature length script I am developing and looking to raise awareness. It was made to show the potential of the feature film whilst also creating a stand-alone film.



TRAPPED is a short promotional scene from a planned drama series about Russian and British organized crime in the UK.

A woman, trapped in a warehouse and being interrogated by gangsters, soon turns the table on her abductors.


Winner best horror short in the Dead Shorts competition at Leeds International Film Festival. Official selection of Shriekfest Horror Film Festival 2014, New York City Horror Film Festival 2014, Chicago Horror Film Festival 2014, Leeds International Film Festival 2014.


The title says it all! Colin and Dean are two carpet fitters who are called to a job in the middle of nowhere by a sweet elderly lady; Mrs Hanning. However the house has a dark secret and the two quickly realise that this maybe the last job they ever go to.


Cannibals and Carpet Fitters is a British comedy horror short film originally written as a feature length script by Richard Lee O'Donnell. We decided to develop this into a short film version first to show the potential of the feature and help raise interest and finance.

“Secrets of the Dark House” is a short promotional video based on the horror novel of the same name, written by Linda Gaine. It depicts the chilling opening of the book, setting the tone of the horrible events that follows.



Available now to download from Amazon and in paperback from all major websites.

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