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Upcoming feature projects!

Just an update regarding future feature work going into 2020 and beyond. I am currently working away on several new feature projects.

The first is a horror/thriller called 'HEXED'. It follows a late night coach journey that turns into a night of terror when it is attacked by a group of malevolent witches hell-bent on revenge. This is my biggest project, with some very ambitious exciting and scary set pieces planned.

Another feature is a dark fable/gangster film with horror elements called '3 Little Pigs' based on the said children's story, which follows three ex cops who move to a remote town, only to clash with the local firm, known as the Pact, and their boss, The Wolf. It's a darker take on the usual gangster films of late, containing some brutal set pieces.

Other projects include directing part of an anthology horror and also a action/horror following a group of swat officers trapped within a cave system with a dark secret.

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